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Come discover the green Ardèche…Another side of the Ardèche.

Green Ardèche Féline Camping Bas Larin campsite logotype

Welcome in the green Ardèche at Camping Bas Larin.

We friendly welcome you in a family and warming atmosphere. Depending on what you are looking for, come enjoy nature, sports or cultural activities or simply enjoy relaxing well-being moment at the campsite.


Established nearby the Peaugres safari park, between the Rhône banks and the Annonay highs, Camping Bas Larin is a family friendly campsite idealy located between valley and middle mountain. It is your starting point for many trips in the Drôme and the Ardèche and will enable you to visit many sites. Culture, sport, gastronomy, it is everywhere !
Peaugres Safari nearby camping Bas Larin
Peaugres Safari
Camping Bas Larin nearby Annonay
Serrières at the gates of Ardèche.
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