Come discover the green Ardèche…Another side of the Ardèche.

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Camping Bas Larin located in Ardèche surroundings.

Trips in the Drôme and in the Ardèche ; many sites to visit. Annonay : Canson & Montgolfier museum, César Filhol museum. Peaugres : Animal park, Wooden tools Museum. Serrières : Joustings, St-Joseph vineyards. St-Désirat : Still Museum, wines House. St-Pierre de Boeuf : White water area : raft - canoe. Pilat mountain : Regional Nature Reserve. Condrieu : Vineyards. St-Romain en Gal : Archaeological digs. Vienne : Gallo-Roman town, 17 sites. Hauterives : Palais idéal du Facteur Cheval. Tournon sur Rhône : The Mastrou (steam train).
Peaugres Safari
Peaugres safari
Peaugres Safari is the biggest Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region animal park. It welcomes you across a wild territory dedicated to protect rare species. Wander across 4 continents on 80 ha, from Madagascar to the poles, meet the most unusual species and pet the most domestic.
Parchment and leather area
Discover one of the last three parchments companies in France… A visit in the heart of a company registered in the Rare Art Occupation stocktake.
Canson and Montgolfier paper shops museum
In the Montgolfier brothers home, in the heart of the royal Manufacture, to relive the past (since the 17th century to nowadays), the museum introduces a life-size paper machine in motion.
Car wheelwright museum
It relates the story of Joseph Besset, his learning as wheelwright at the automobile body and finally to the car manufacture.
Saint Désirat
Still museum
The charm and the story of a missing past, the wine moonshiners. Across 1400 m ², 30 boards give back a part of the rural heritage.
Maison des Arômes
Discover the olfactory aspect of the wines including a selection of nine aromas families which we can visualize, smell and understand. A discovery path traced in the middle of Rochevine hill complete the visit.
Marine museum
Three strong themes : towing inland water shipping, XVIIIth century mural fresco and necropolis church with his mandulons.
Notre Dame de la Pitié tower
In 1619, the decision to build the chapel has been made but it will be in 1663 that the tower has been raised in order to be used as the chapel bell tower.
Tromph place
A 1599 cross (Edit de Nantes), is placed above an old sarcophagus.
Marc Seguin bridge
Opened in 1828, it is the 2nd established bridge on the Rhône. It had a central pile and a wooden floor. In 1933, it has been replaced by a metal bridge with cables, destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt in 1950.
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